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LGBTQ Parenting Roundup — Father’s Day Edition

Chocolate cake

Best wishes today to all who identify as fathers, have or had fathers, or use Father’s Day to celebrate any parent, donor, or other important person in your family! Here’s a roundup of some dad stories for your special day.

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May 17: A Day Marking Three Civil Rights Milestones


Did you know that May 17 marks three key events in the history of civil rights?

Can you name them?

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The White House Easter Egg Roll and LGBTQ Families

Many are questioning the Trump administration’s preparation (or lack thereof) for the venerable White House Easter Egg roll, a 139-year-old tradition—and one that has recently been a place of visibility for LGBTQ families, mine included.

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A Day of Love

Love may not be all we need, John Lennon notwithstanding, but it’s a start. My own spouse is overseas on business today, but as this is the 24th Valentine’s Day we’ve spent together, we both know that our love transcends a single day. Love, in fact, transcends a whole lot.

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Kids, Race, and Racism: Readings and Resources

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Once again, for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I’m posting a revised and expanded list of resources for talking with kids about the holiday and about race and racism in general.

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