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Halloween PSA Adorably Confronts Gender Stereotypes

My Heroes

Here’s something to brighten your day as you prep your children’s costumes (and your own?) and get the candy bowl ready—a two-minute Halloween video that challenges assumptions about gender.

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A Very Queer Halloween


Halloween is almost here, which for many of us means trips to the store to purchase overpriced costumes or hours spent sewing and hot-glueing homemade versions, both for our kids and for ourselves. October is also, however, LGBTQ History Month and the month of National Coming Out Day, making Halloween’s topics of heroes and hidden identities relevant in multiple ways. Here are some things that Halloween offers to support and sustain our multifaceted queer selves.

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Coming Out in the Trump Era

Rainbow Flag

Our country feels very different than it did a year ago on the last National Coming Out Day, when the prospect of an LGBTQ-friendly president was still possible. Now, however, the day feels even more like a time for activism and resistance.

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LGBTQ Parenting Roundup — Father’s Day Edition

Chocolate cake

Best wishes today to all who identify as fathers, have or had fathers, or use Father’s Day to celebrate any parent, donor, or other important person in your family! Here’s a roundup of some dad stories for your special day.

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May 17: A Day Marking Three Civil Rights Milestones


Did you know that May 17 marks three key events in the history of civil rights?

Can you name them?

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