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A Day of Love

Love may not be all we need, John Lennon notwithstanding, but it’s a start. My own spouse is overseas on business today, but as this is the 24th Valentine’s Day we’ve spent together, we both know that our love transcends a single day. Love, in fact, transcends a whole lot.

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Kids, Race, and Racism: Readings and Resources

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Once again, for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I’m posting a revised and expanded list of resources for talking with kids about the holiday and about race and racism in general.

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LGBTQ Families: Preparing for the Year Ahead


The holidays my family celebrates may stem from different traditions, but share a theme of hope and of light in the darkness. That message seems particularly poignant right now as we head into a year that ushers in a new federal administration and an era of uncertainty for LGBTQ people and our families.

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Happy New Year!


A very happy New Year to all of you and your families as we enter 2017!

May we find joy and love with our families and friends to give us strength, come what may.

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! Posting will be light on the blog for the next week or so while I make merry with my family, but I’ll keep up the fun on Facebook and Twitter. Please join me!

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