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Mother’s Day: If You Feel It’s Your Day, then Celebrate


Happy Mother’s Day to anyone and everyone who calls themselves a mother. Mothering is a big concept, so there’s lots of room for all!

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Moses Had Two Mommies: And Other LGBTQ Passover Thoughts

Moses and Miriam

Tonight is the first night of Passover, when Jews around the world gather to celebrate freedom from slavery in Egypt, under the leadership of a man who had two mommies.

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White House Easter Egg Roll’s History of LGBT Inclusion


Yesterday was 138th White House Easter Egg Roll, and the White House has put out a great little video that includes a bit about the history of LGBT families at the event.

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Celebrate Purim with a Book About A Kid with Two Dads

The Purim Superhero

The Jewish holiday of Purim begins Wednesday evening, so make sure to check out this Purim book featuring a boy with two dads!

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Celebrating Our Love on Valentine’s Day


My spouse and I have been together for nearly 23 years. Sometimes, mired in the daily grind of work and household chores and our son’s activities, it is easy to forget the sense of romance that drew us together in the first place. We still love each other, but get caught up in the practicalities […]

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