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Ellen’s Coming-Out Arc Advanced Representation for Kids with Lesbian Moms, Too


This month marks the 20th anniversary of Ellen DeGeneres coming out in person and as her character on television. Let’s not forget, too, that her show also gave us one of earliest (though not the first) representations of an LGBTQ parent and their child on TV.

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Same-Sex Penguin Moms “Thelma and Louise” Celebrate World Penguin Day

Sea Life Kelly Tarlton's Auckland and Tourism New Zealand World Penguin Day campaign. Pictured: Thelma and Louise with their foster chick born on the 25/02/2017. Tuesday 18 April 2017. Photograph Richard Robinson © 2017.

Yesterday was World Penguin Day, and a pair of same-sex penguin moms and their foster chick in New Zealand were among the stars.

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LGBTQ Characters Need More than a “Moment” in Children’s Media

Belle and the Beast from the original animated film.

Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast is a prime example of how not to please anyone when it comes to LGBTQ representation in children’s media. After enormous hoopla over the first gay character in a Disney film—who would have, director Bill Condon said, an “exclusively gay moment”—the moment was too brief and inconclusive for me as a queer person to celebrate. At the same time, the mere announcement of a gay character inflamed many conservatives.

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The White House Easter Egg Roll and LGBTQ Families

Many are questioning the Trump administration’s preparation (or lack thereof) for the venerable White House Easter Egg roll, a 139-year-old tradition—and one that has recently been a place of visibility for LGBTQ families, mine included.

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5 Most Challenged Books Include LGBTQ Content

Most Challenged Books 2016 - ALA: Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association

The top five books in the American Library Association’s (ALA’s) annual list of the most challenged books in the U.S. are there because of their LGBTQ content, among other reasons.

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