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New Kids’ Book Shows Gender-Creative Child as Hero

Ben, the Boy Who Paints His Nails

A new children’s book not only features a gender-creative child, but also gives us a whimsical tale about how he saves his town from a magical monster.

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Coming Out in the Trump Era

Rainbow Flag

Our country feels very different than it did a year ago on the last National Coming Out Day, when the prospect of an LGBTQ-friendly president was still possible. Now, however, the day feels even more like a time for activism and resistance.

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Showcasing the Images and Experiences of People with LGBTQ Parents

Award-winning photographer Gabriela Herman knew that for her new book, The Kids: The Children of LGBTQ Parents in the USA, “the images would be portraits of the children, with no one else in them.” She wanted to show what life with LGBTQ parents “is like through their eyes.” That vision has given us a striking, […]

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Banned Books Week Highlights LGBTQ-Inclusive Kids’ Books

Banned Books Week 2017

Once again, it’s Banned Books Week, the annual event from the American Library Association (ALA) that “draws national attention to the harms of censorship.” As in most previous recent years, the ALA’s Top Ten Most Frequently Challenged Books list is once again full of children’s books with LGBTQ content—so go read some banned books with your kids today.

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Over 200 Books, Videos, Music Albums, and More for and About LGBTQ Families

Book Collage

Looking for books, videos, or music albums for your children that feature LGBTQ families? Want some memoirs by LGBTQ parents or our adult children to read yourself? Need a guide to this adventure we call LGBTQ parenting? A book on LGBTQ-inclusive schools? Baby books? Check out my revamped Mombian Shop, which has spiffy new organization and even more items!

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