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Self-Publishing Creates New Books for and About LGBTQ Families and Youth

Self-published books have long been a part of LGBTQ-inclusive children’s literature. Heather Has Two Mommies, one of the first picture books to depict same-sex parents, was published by author Lesléa Newman and a friend before it was picked up by a small LGBTQ press. The Internet has made self-publishing even easier, and parents, teachers, LGBTQ youth, and others are taking advantage of this to create LGBTQ-inclusive books for which they see a need, even as mainstream publishers slowly start to do the same. Here are a few recent ones that I haven’t covered before.

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Two New Middle-Grade Books Share the Fun of Large, Queer Families

Lotterys and Fletchers

Queer parents often wonder what their children will call them, but the Lotterys have it figured out. There’s MaxiMum (from Jamaica), CardaMom (of the Mohawk Nation), and their co-parents, PopCorn (from the Yukon) and PapaDum (after the tasty cracker of his native India, not because of a lack of intelligence). The two same-sex couples are co-parenting seven children and a menagerie of animals in Emma Donoghue’s funny and clever new middle-grade novel, The Lotterys Plus One.

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5 Most Challenged Books Include LGBTQ Content

Most Challenged Books 2016 - ALA: Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association

The top five books in the American Library Association’s (ALA’s) annual list of the most challenged books in the U.S. are there because of their LGBTQ content, among other reasons.

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New Kids’ Picture Book and Video on Gender Identity

Who Are You?

In light of the Trump administration’s decision yesterday to rescind guidance that protected transgender students, I felt it was especially important to share a great new resource for kids (and their grown-ups) about gender identity.

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Children’s Books on Immigration, Refugees, and Resistance

My Night in the Planetarium

Looking for books to explain to your children some of the issues and stories around immigration, refugees, and the growing resistance movement in the U.S.? Here are some that may help.

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