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Star Trek’s Sulu is Gay Dad in New Movie

Credit: NASA, ESA, P. Challis and R. Kirshner (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)

Star Trek’s Hikaru Sulu is gay—and not just George Takei, the actor who originated the role. In the upcoming movie Star Trek Beyond, the character is shown to be a gay dad.

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“The Fosters” Season Premiere Tackles Gun Violence

The Fosters - Potential Energy

The Fosters, Freeform’s lesbian mom drama, has its summer premiere Monday, and tackles a presciently timely issue: gun violence.

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A Same-Sex Fairytale, Read by The Fosters’ Teri Polo


A new children’s video puts a new spin on fairytale tropes to give us a heroine who has smarts—and a girlfriend. And The Fosters’ Teri Polo gives her a voice.

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New Web Series Is “Thelma and Louise but with a Toddler”

Running with Violet

The filmmakers described Running with Violet as “Thelma and Louise but with a toddler.” Don’t worry, though—the ending’s better.

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Film About Kids with Same-Sex Parents to Get Theatrical Release

Gayby Baby

Gayby Baby, an Australian documentary from the perspective of children with same-sex parents, will be premiering around the world this April. Watch the trailer here.

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