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New Web Series Is “Thelma and Louise but with a Toddler”

Running with Violet

The filmmakers described Running with Violet as “Thelma and Louise but with a toddler.” Don’t worry, though—the ending’s better.

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Film About Kids with Same-Sex Parents to Get Theatrical Release

Gayby Baby

Gayby Baby, an Australian documentary from the perspective of children with same-sex parents, will be premiering around the world this April. Watch the trailer here.

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Xena and Gabrielle Are Queer Moms


Yes, Xena is getting a reboot pilot, with the writer making a promise of “fully exploring” the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle—so let’s not forget they’re both moms.

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New Film Features Trans and Masculine-of-Center Pregnant People

A new documentary film shares the stories of transgender and other masculine-identified people who have chosen to give birth.

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Classic Australian Kids’ TV Show to Feature Kid with Two Dads


Play School, the second long-running children’s television show in the world, will feature a child with two dads in an upcoming episode.

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