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“She Got Me Pregnant”: Episode 6

In this edition of our weekly video blog, brought to you in partnership with After Ellen, my partner Helen and I offer a few specific ideas and some general advice for parents and others buying gifts for children over the holidays. Plus: tattoos of your children’s names, regendered dolls, and sparkly boas! Online Videos by […]

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Domestic Partnering in the New Year

I’m bringing you a guest post today by Beren DeMotier, author of The Brides of March, a memoir of the brief period of legal marriage for same-sex couples in Multnomah County, Oregon. (I reviewed it in June.) Her piece below continues the tale as she ponders the upcoming legalization of domestic partnerships in the Beaver […]

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LGBT Rights: The Religious Perspective

One of the contributors to Blogging for LGBT Families Day just wrote a great article for the Syracuse Post-Standard, on finding God’s love and community as a lesbian family. I’m not particularly religious myself, but it makes me sick when the ultra-conservatives try to frame LGBT rights as a matter of the religious vs. the […]

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Words from Our Allies

Many straight allies submitted entries to Blogging for LGBT Families Day, proving once again that LGBT rights is not merely an interest-group issue. (Unless, of course, you count all those in favor of equality an interest group.) Here are some extracts: “I am a heterosexual, ten-years-married mother of two who cannot understand how anyone’s loving, […]

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The Activist Parent

For me, one of the great pleasures from Blogging for LGBT Families Day has been reading posts that make me think. Matt over at The Q-Triad Blog wrote something that seems particularly appropriate today, as all the major (and many minor) American LGBT Web sites are urging us to contact our senators and stop the […]

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