LGBTQ Parenting RoundupI’ve been posting about court cases for a couple of days, so let’s make this a legal-free roundup that focuses on personal stories. Enjoy!

  • Good Housekeeping ran a piece by Life with Roozle’s Casey Brown (as told to Nicole Blades), about learning to be comfortable as a gender-neutral person and how our kids can help us become our best selves. This isn’t my grandmother’s Good Housekeeping anymore (and thank goodness for that).
  • Vita Pearl shares a collection of “Sh*t People Have Actually Said to People with LGBTQ+ Parent(s)” courtesy of the COLAGE Facebook group, complete with funny illustrations by Amelia Foy. She also reminds us, importantly, “Our experience is different to that of other members of the LGBTQ+ community, but we are a part of that community, regardless of our own sexual or gender identities. And our experience deserves to be listened to, recognised and even celebrated.”
  • On a related note, Sydney at Autostraddle writes, “I Met My Sperm Donor’s Mom and It Changed Everything,” showing us that families can extend in all kinds of ways.
  • The Gillette News Record in Wyoming profiles moms Christi Johnson and Shelly Schmitt, noting that their neighbors and colleagues have been very welcoming to their family, but that they still face hurdles from the lack of inclusive paperwork in hospitals and schools, among other things. A nice piece to remind us that queer families are everywhere throughout our country.
  • The South China Morning Post profiles a two-mom and two-dad family in Hong Kong, raising issues of intersectionality, inclusion, and changing attitudesin advance of the Gay Games, which will be hosted in Hong Kong in 2022.
  • Lisa Goldstein writes at Them about “Why LGBTQ+ Education Needs to Start Before High School” and relates her own story of helping her son set up a gay-straight alliance (GSA) club at his middle school.