Post of the WeekI write a lot, as this blog is proof, but my writing is built on a deep and abiding love of reading. How great, then, to find a post by a lesbian mom who shares her thoughts about reading, identity, and LGBTQ-inclusive books.

Magdalen Dale and Kaite Sweval write the overallmagic blog from their home in Wisconsin. Dale’s post “reader” is a response to a friend who asked for coming out resources for middle schoolers. She notes with delighted surprise the time she realized, “There were so many YA books written in the last year with LGBT characters that there can be a best ten? Amazing.”

Her post is less about specific book recommendations, however, and more about her reflections on the role books play in her life. “I think the first identity I claimed was that of ‘reader,'” she tells us, and describes the joy of reconnecting with that identity even while caring for a young child.

She also bemoans the general dearth of grown-up fiction featuring gay moms. I concur (although there are a bunch of memoirs for those who like reality-based reading). NaNoWriMo may be drawing to a close, but clearly, next year, we need some folks to make it into a LesboMomNoWriMo.

Thanks to Dale for writing, and here’s to all of us parents who still find time to read or write, both on our own and with our kids.