The F WordThe two moms who gave us a glimpse into their foster-to-adopt journey this fall want to bring us a second season of their video series, looking more broadly at the world of foster care.

The F Word was the funny and insightful look at Nicole Opper and Kristan Cassady’s story from their first steps towards foster parenting until their adoption of a child. With Opper, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, again directing and  producing, and Cassady producing, they’re hoping to raise funds for a second season that “continues their story while amplifying other voices in the foster care world: birth families, foster youth, adoptees, P.O.C. perspectives, and social entrepreneurs working to make things better.” They explain on their Seed & Spark page (where you can help fund their efforts):

Up until this point, The F Word has really only represented our voice – the voice of the prospective foster-to-adopt parent – and there are many other voices in this story that demand to be heard. For example, what are the stories of the birth/first parents? What about foster parents who aim to provide temporary care rather than foster-to-adopt? Most importantly, where is the adoptee voice and the foster youth voice in all of this?

Good questions.

I’m also impressed that they’re going above and beyond the usual crowdfunding perks for their supporters. One of their incentives offers stuff to you, the donor, plus the gift of a duffel bag—an often-needed item for moving from one home to another—to a foster youth, courtesy of Together We Rise. Another is a phone call with a licensed social worker, therapist or psychologist to answer your questions about the adoption process, or a call with Opper to discuss their process or anything else you want to chat about.

Watch Opper and Cassady talk more about Season Two below.