It’s not news that Dungeons & Dragons, the venerable role-playing game, has taken a queer-friendly turn in recent years. (I wrote about it myself in 2014.) But did you know that a recent D&D adventure includes a two-dad family?

The 2016 adventure “Storm King’s Thunder,” a scenario for players to use as a framework for their game, includes the non-player characters “wheat farmer Thelbin Osstra, his husband Brynn, and Brynn’s adopted nephew Broland,” Kotaku reports. Lead rules developer Jeremy Crawford told Kotaku they are a nod to himself, his husband, and his nephew, who lived with them when the adventure was in development. Alas, the family is fleeing after three enormous rocks crushed their farm—and then they and their neighbors get captured by goblins. People playing the game, presumably, can then try to save them.

This is not the first D&D adventure to include queer characters, but it is the first, I believe, to include queer parents. (If you know otherwise, please leave a comment.) Kudos to D&D for continuing to expand their representation of queer characters and the types of stories we tell about them.

(And if you missed it earlier, go read about a very real adventure my own family and I had at D&D headquarters a few years back.)

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