Post of the WeekThe daughter of a trans parent (no, not the famous Caitlyn) writes of her journey to acceptance and renewed love in this Post of the Week.

Katrina, who blogs at “Average Flawed Mom,” wrote yesterday about “My Dad, Caitlyn“—her father who came out as a transgender woman when she was a teen. She speaks of her initial sense of loss and anger, and how that has evolved into the realization that, “I will always have my memories of who my dad previously was and I don’t ever have to let go of those, but I did stop letting them hurt me, I stopped letting those memories and that hurt control how I felt about Caitlyn and how I saw her.”

Of Caitlyn, she says, “She has been there for me so much over the past year that I can’t imagine not having her in my life…. She gives me comfort when I don’t know where else to go. Plus, she makes a pretty great nana and the boys adore her.”

She adds that through her dad, “I have also been introduced to quite a few people from the transgender community, and they are by far the most beautiful and strong people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. The amount of courage each and every one of them has is so inspiring and amazing that I can’t even begin to fathom how they do it.”

To others who have parents coming out as trans, she advises, “It’s okay to feel confused, angry, sad, or to grieve… but please, please do not ever hold it in, you will end up feeling so much more alone…. You WILL find strength together, and together you will be bigger than anyone who mocks those that are different or what they simply can’t understand.”

Go read her whole piece for more details and inspiration from her journey.

(Thanks to Sue Kerr of PGH Lesbian Correspondents for the tip!)