Book CollageOne of the most common questions I see online from LGBTQ parents is “Where do I find LGBTQ-inclusive books for my kids?” Here’s the list I’ve been compiling for years.

The Mombian Shop contains my curated list of LGBTQ-inclusive books for LGBTQ families, organized by age and topic. The book list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of every LGBTQ-inclusive kids’ book in existence; a few older ones felt dated now, and a few I’ve read felt problematic for one reason or another. I hope to have found a balance of books that are enjoyable to read and cover a range of topics and situations for LGBTQ families (although there are plenty of perspectives and topics that still need stories). I have not included the growing number of young adult books about LGBTQ teens, but have instead focused on books for children and youth with LGBTQ parents. (I’ve made a few exceptions for elementary- and middle-grade books that feature LGBTQ characters of those ages.)

For more details on most of these books, see my lengthier reviews in the Books for Kids and Books for Parents categories of the blog. You’ll also find there links there to various book roundups I’ve done, like:

Remember, too, that although these books are great for kids of LGBTQ parents, they’re also terrific for kids of other types of families as well. It’s always good to read about families both like and unlike one’s own.

The Mombian Shop also lists music albums for children of LGBTQ parents (including a few that aren’t LGBTQ-specific, but have themes of family diversity) and DVDs for both LGBTQ parents and our kids.

Whether you buy copies for your family, borrow them from the library (or encourage your library to stock them), happy reading!