Family Pride gameChildren’s books, magazines, and cartoons are slowly becoming more LGBTQ-inclusive—and now, a new matching card game proves that games can be, too.

Family Pride” features same-sex parents and their children among the many diverse families it celebrates. The game mechanic is a familiar one: Place the 66 sturdy (board-book thickness) cards face down on a table and turn them over two at a time. If they match, you keep them. If they don’t, flip them back and it’s the next player’s turn. What makes this version stand out is that it celebrates family diversity with images of same-sex parents, single parents, grandparents, and different-sex parents and their children all having fun at a colorful county fair. The families come in many colors, and there are obvious Jewish and Muslim families.

The game is the brainchild of Cheril N. Clarke and Monica Bey-Clarke, who also wrote the recent picture book Keesha’s South African Adventure, about a girl whose two moms take her on an amazing vacation. Now their game “puts a new spin on a classic pastime and heightens focus and awareness in a vibrant new way.” And while the box says it’s for ages three to six, they note, “It is perfect for young children and seniors alike (or anyone who wants to test his or her memory).” My experience has been that anyone under 12 can usually beat the pants off anyone older at this sort of game, but your mileage may vary. Just don’t wager anything against your kids or it could be you doing dishes for a week.

Cheril has kindly offered Mombian readers a code for 15% off the game until December 12th ( only):


Happy playing!

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