Blogging for LGBTQ Families DayIt’s Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day! Below is the master list of contributed posts, which I will keep updated throughout the day. Please come back to check for new additions you haven’t read! Thanks to all of you for participating! I’m happy to add more posts for the next few days (though you must get them in by 11:59 p.m. ET 6/2/15, to be eligible for a chance at the giveaways).

To submit a post, complete the form at the end of this post. Older posts are welcome, too. If you don’t have a blog of your own, make a public Facebook post, upload to a video- or photo-sharing site and submit the link, or leave your contribution in a comment on this post. You can also tweet in support of LGBTQ families with the hashtag #LGBTQfamilies. I’ll also be posting links over at the Mombian Facebook page all day, so you can follow the fun there if that’s how you roll. Please encourage all your friends, LGBTQ, their families, and allies, to participate!

Leave an e-mail address (not to be shared or sold) or make sure I can contact you through your blog if you want a chance to be selected for one of the goodies I’ll be giving away to random participants in celebration of our 10th year. (Full giveaway rules and details are here.) Giveaway items are:

  • A copy of the new, revised, 25th anniversary edition of Heather Has Two Mommies, autographed by author Lesléa Newman;
  • A $150 Residence Inn gift card courtesy of Residence Inn by Marriott;
  • Five copies (one to each of five participants) of the new children’s CD Dancin’ In The Kitchen: Songs For All Families, by Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, courtesy of the HRC Foundation’s Children, Youth & Families Program and Welcoming Schools project;
  • Another great new kids’ CD, about gender diversity: Rainbow Train, by Chana Rothman, courtesy of the artist and her publicist;
  • The new, 2nd edition of The Fenway Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health, courtesy of Fenway Health;
  • Five sticker and magnet sets (one to each of five participants) from GLAAD’sGot Your Back” campaign, which encourages LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ folks to stand up as allies for those with identities different than their own.

Thanks to all of the above individuals and organizations, and to Family Equality Council and Our Family Coalition for helping to support and promote this event—and thanks to all of you for participating!

Please allow some time between submitting a post and its appearance in the list below. I will be updating the list as fast as possible, but new posts may not appear immediately.

Your contributed posts, in chronological order of submission, are below.

  1. Five Things to Know About Obamacare for LGBTQ Families
  2. Do I Look Like A Writer In This? The Village People: How A Group of Lesbian Moms Raised A Bunch of Great Kids
  3. Goodnight Already She’s Not my Mother
  4. Rainbow Family News Lesbians Raising Daughters
  5. Huffington Post (Cathy Fink) It Takes All Kinds
  6. Pigeonhole Books LGBTQ Children’s Picture Books And Its Evolution
  7. Welcoming Schools Blog Welcoming Schools News: Ideas For Inclusive Mother’s and Father’s Days
  8. How far would you go to protect your family?
  9. ‘Poor Gays’
  10. No Community Is Immune from Bullying
  11. The Pink Peril
  12. Two and a Half Women 90’s Moms
  13. Doorknobs That Lock Every part of the song
  14. The Pride & Joy Project Blog Blogpost #4: The Lesbian Brady Bunch & National Sibling Day
  15. 2 Moms Travel We Both Want to be Called Mom!
  16. EvoL= A Gay Dad’s Letter to Michelle Duggar
  17. The Parents Project Gay Pride Celebrations
  18. Labels are for Jars Coming around…blogging for LGBT families day
  19. Big Mommy Little Mommy Really, Big Mommy?
  20. IfYouCan’tWriteBlog My Vagina is an Open Book
  21. MyFamilyBuilders 8 Ways to answer your kids’ questions about LGBT families
  22. My Church
  23. Keshet My Son, My Hero
  24. Keshet An Open Letter to Mom, From Her Gay Son
  25. Keshet Lucky to Have Two Mommies
  26. Coffee, Clutter and Chaos “My Gay mom is cool!”
  27. Uncle Roger’s Notebooks of Daily Life Sick and Tired
  28. SafariDad LGBT Families
  29. Gays With Kids (Scott Kearnan) Out & About Dad
  30. Gays With Kids (Brian Rosenberg) The 6 Things We Talk About on Date Night
  31. Gays With Kids (Clay Wirestone) A Family’s Journey From Joy to Loss and Back Again
  32. Gays With Kids (Ferd Van Gameren) How This Gay Dad Celebrated Mother’s Day
  33. The Handsome Father (Andy Miller) Not Nice Behavior
  34. The Handsome Father (Scott Ballum Cohen) 5 Things This New Gay Dad Was Not Prepared For
  35. The Handsome Father (John Dulworth) The Unexpected Conditions of Life
  36. The Handsome Father (Patrick Roth) On Alan Turing, Me and My Son
  37. The Handsome Father (Craig Peterson) Confessions of a Father (But Don’t Tell My Kids)
  38. The Handsome Father (Jim Joseph) Paternal Instinct
  39. Love Matters A Mother’s Heart
  40. Love Matters Perspective…sometimes it knocks you off your feet
  41. GLSEN It’s Back to School for LGBT Parents, Too!
  42. Pop’n’Olly Pop’n’Olly: What does your family look like?
  43. Designer Daddy 9 Netflix Titles for Non-Traditional Families
  44. Slate Outward The Straight Parents’ Guide to How Not to Raise a Homophobe–and How to Be a Better Ally
  45. Huffington Post (Morgan Meneses-Sheets) The Lucky Ones: Personal Reflections for LGBTQ History Month
  46. The Advocate OpEd Page Op-ed: Embracing the Role of Asian Mother to a Trans Son
  47. PFLAG National’s A Note To My Kid A Letter to Jacob from his mom, Mimi
  48. Adventurous Moms An Open Letter to Medical Professionals from a Lesbian Mom
  49. Good Families Do Spoiled
  50. GLAAD (Carol R. Hill) "It’s in the Jeans": lessons learned coming of age and coming out in #LGBTQfamilies
  51. My Two Mums Finding our calm
  52. Transparenthood Can You Hear Me Now?
  53. GLAAD (Esther Baruja) Two women, a donor, and a caring community: It takes a village to raise #LGBTQfamilies
  54. Shira Glassman, author LGBT family day at the zoo
  55. Goblin Child An Open Letter to our Twins’ Sperm Donor
  56. Serendipitydodah Moms Of LGBT Kids Who Are Changing The World
  57. Clare Says Love is Love
  58. Women = Books A Not-So-Slippery Slope
  59. GLAAD (Marianne Duddy-Burke) A lesbian foster mother responds to Catholic bishops’ attempt to discriminate against #LGBTQfamilies like hers
  60. Becoming LA June is Pride and Love
  61. Women’s Work What Does Family Mean
  62. LesBeMums A Letter to Sharon and Kate 2 Years Ago
  63. GLAAD GLAAD president accelerates acceptance for #LGBTQfamilies around the country
  64. When 3 Becomes 4 When 3 Becomes 4
  65. Habitot Children’s Museum Totmail Rainbow Pride Arts Week At Habitot
  66. GLAAD (Guy Ringler, M.D.) Gay fertility doctor on 20 years of helping to build #LGBTQfamilies
  67. GLAAD A toast to my moms and #LGBTQfamilies on their wedding day
  68. The Lost Mom On What Collateral Damage Feels Like
  69. Fenway Focus Fenway Health Proudly Serves LGBT Families
  70. EACH Child is Special: Working Smarter Not Harder to Raise Every ONE Jack of All Trades, Master of None, Father of Six
  71. The Handsome Father (Craig Peterson) Religious Freedom in Indiana: A Deeper Look at One of the Key Players
  72. Our Family Matters Maps II
  73. Attachment and Trauma Network Lessons Learned: Relationships over Things
  74. Attachment and Trauma Network The Delayed Effect: When the Fruits of Our Labor Finally Bloom
  75. Attachment and Trauma Network The Trauma Van
  76. Bread and Roses #queermutiny
  77. Moms Rising (Rev. Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy) The Dangers of Peeing
  78. @Vermont Six Years, the Difference
  79. Lez B Vegan Moms Pride and Joy
  80. Big Dyke Mama Fourth Kid and a Wedding
  81. SafariDad An Open Letter to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
  82. Living Hypothetically All Over The Place