2014familyday403A very happy Father’s Day (or Fathers’ Day) to all of you who don the title! In honor of the day, I’m highlighting some of the posts from Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day about fatherhood.

Finally, two new group blogs for gay dads, The Handsome Father and Gays With Kids each submitted posts from a number of authors, so rather than listing them all, I’m going to point you over to their sites, where you can revel in many, many posts about fatherhood and join in what I’m sure will be a rockin’ Father’s Day on both sites. (Check out this Father’s Day video from Ferd and Brian, founders of Gays With Kids, and be sure to stay for the outtakes. Also join in The Handsome Father’s #ProudPapa/#InTraining social media campaign.)

And to all of you other LGBTQ parents who take this day as your own (some double up on Mothers’ Day; others spread things out), may your day be joyous and full of love.