2014familyday403It’s Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day! Below is the master list of contributed posts, which I will keep updated throughout the day. Please come back to check the list for new additions you haven’t read! Thanks to all who participated!

To submit a post, complete the form at the end of this post. Older posts are welcome, too. If you don’t have a blog of your own, make a public Facebook post, upload to a video- or photo-sharing site and leave the link, or leave your contribution in a comment.

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Please encourage all your friends, LGBTQ and not, to participate!

Your contributed posts, in chronological order, are below.

    1. The Magpie Librarian: I AM READING THIS SO HARD RIGHT NOW: If You Could Be Mine, by Sara Farizan
    2. www.leahslife.com: I am a Transvestite
    3. My Motherfull Family: Questions not to ask the mixed race daughter of two Jewish lesbians
    4. Nick King’s World: We just can’t decide…
    5. Rebel Parents: Sawdust
    6. Circle Surrogacy Blog: Surrogate Mother Stories: Working with same-sex intended parents
    7. Doorknobs That Lock: Celebrating junior prom
    8. Two-and-a-half-women.tumblr.com: Better to Be Straight if You Can
    9. Life With Teenagers: Mixed Medley
    10. The Handsome Father – Addison “Duke” Nelson: Building a “not-so-dangerous” life
    11. The Handsome Father – Andy Miller: The Path to Fatherhood
    12. The Handsome Father – Craig Peterson: Greetings from Indiana
    13. The Handsome Father – Juan Luque: Not Born to be a Father
    14. The Handsome Father – Manny Velasquez-Paredes: Our First Adventure
    15. The Handsome Father – Scott Patrick: Halfway Through the Start
    16. KidSafe by COLAGE: Two Separate Identities
    17. Dads of Pride Park: But still no flying cars!
    18. Rainbow Family News: Our Kids At Pride
    19. Serendipitydodah: Serendipitydodah For Moms
    20. Bread and Roses: Because My Daughter Could Have Died Alone
    21. Designer Daddy: A Gay Man’s Tribute to Fred Phelps
    22. Keshet: She Is Who He Is
    23. Keshet: Coming Out at Shabbat Dinner
    24. Keshet: Life After Love: Cher & Jewish Mourning Rituals
    25. Keshet: And We March On: 10 Years of Marriage Equality in MA
    26. Huffington Post: This True Story Of A Girl Adopted By Lesbian Parents Challenges All Kinds Of Prejudices
    27. Huffington Post: WATCH: Incredible Story Of Transgender Son Will Have You Ugly Crying… And Then Cheering
    28. Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents: Summertime Traditions For Our LGBTQ Family
    29. Dykefruit: Our Family’s First Pride Festival
    30. Gays with Kids: Born into the culture wars: Growing up with LGBT parents Part 1
    31. GaybyDads: Gayby Baby Shower
    32. Gays With Kids – Brian Rosenberg: All You Need is a Suitcase or a Drawer
    33. GLAAD Blog: A family of trans advocates and their tenacious daughter who started it all
    34. Gays With Kids – GWK Staff: The Birth of Gays With Kids
    35. Gays With Kids – David Dodge: The Known Sperm Donor
    36. Believe Out Loud – Latisha Di Venuto: The Power Of Grace In My Non-Traditional Family
    37. Labels are for Jars: Pink and Purple: Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day
    38. Believe Out Loud – Pamela G. Frazier: A Mother’s Letter of Acceptance
    39. Believe Out Loud: 5 Tips for Talking to Your Conservative Friends and Family
    40. Believe Out Loud – Holli Long: 4 Reasons This Christian Family Supports Marriage Equality
    41. Gays With Kids – Barry Kriebel Jr.: Filing Single When You Have a Husband … and Kids …
    42. Gays With Kids – http://gayswithkids.com/journey-foster-care-ready/: The Journey to Foster Care: Are You Ready?
    43. Gays With Kids – Barry Kriebel Jr.: Disney Magic: It’s a Small World After All
    44. Gays With Kids – Barry Kriebel Jr.: Ring Out the Wedding Bells in Pennsylvania
    45. My Motherfull Family: Coming out as a member of an LGBT+ family
    46. TimeForFamilies.com: Donor Dad Perspective
    47. GLAAD: Cecilia Aldarondo: The Family Secrets In My Grandmother’s Bible
    48. Gays With Kids – The Vandernails Parenting Class 101
    49. Gays With Kids – The Vandernails Salute to Mother’s Day
    50. One Mom’s Twitter Experience, and other life awakenings : Just another Monday…
    51. VillageQ: Blogging for LGBTQ Families: VillageQ Haiku
    52. Mommy Man: 5 Myths About Gay Parents I’d Like to Wipe Out Forever
    53. Uncle Roger’s Notebooks of Daily Life: I’m Going To Disneyland
    54. GLAAD: Greg Bourke & Michael De Leon on advocacy and raising teens in a multi-racial family for #LGBTQfamilies Day
    55. SafariDad: There’ll Be No Coming Out In My House
    56. Do I Look Like A Writer In This?: The Child With 5 Grandmas
    57. writeidea8: Unchartered Waters
    58. writeidea8: Return of Date Night
    59. writeidea8: Thanksgiving Tradition
    60. Gramps Against C.R.A.M.P.S.: A slight “side trip”…Huh??
    61. Living Hypothetically: We All Sing in the Same Voice
    62. GLAAD: Kim Watson on being a mother, wife, and mentor of trans experience for #LGBTQFamilies Day
    63. Matt & Trey Adopt Harper: Harper’s Birthmother Shares Her Story
    64. Crunchy Granola: Love Perseveres
    65. GLAAD: “Coming out: What divided my life into Before and After:” A bisexual teen’s story for #LGBTQFamilies Day
    66. Designer Daddy: So I’m Engaged… Again
    67. Designer Daddy: A Journey To Family
    68. Designer Daddy: An Open Letter to Photo Card Companies: LGBT Families Celebrate Christmas, Too
    69. Are You the Babysitter? My LGBTQ Family
    70. Adventurous Moms: We’re Just an Ordinary Two-Mom Family
    71. GLAAD: Recent college grad thanks her moms for helping her thrive, being brave #LGBTQFamilies Day
    72. Clare Says: My best reason
    73. A Mother’s Musings: Graduating HS
    74. Our Family Coalition Blog: Groundbreaking Law Would Make It Easier For LGBT Couples To Start A Family
    75. Gay Family Trips – Travel Advisor: Family Week in Provincetown
    76. Gay Family Trips – Travel Advisor: What’s So Different About Traveling as a Gay Family?
    77. Gay Family Trips – Trip Advisor: Europe with a Toddler in Tow
    78. Gay Family Trips – Travel Advisor: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other
    79. Network for Peace through Blogging: Peace Through Dinner Dialogue – LGBTQ Families Day
    80. Jon Hoadley for State Representative (Michigan) Campaign Blog: Happy LGBTQ Family Day!
    81. fromclubtocradle: information superhighway
    82. GLAAD: Adoption advocate & father challenges expectations
    83. GLAAD: The privilege to feel safe: GLAAD’s President on why equality for #LGBTQfamilies is personal
    84. mombians2be: I am not a surrogate
    85. Let Love Define Family: Ricardo And Jesse’s Story
    86. Let Love Define Family: Mignon and Elaine’s Story
    87. Let Love Define Family: The Alvarez-Suarez Story
    88. Let Love Define Family: The White Family’s Story
    89. Let Love Define Family: Wendy Williams Montgomery, Mormon Mother, Shares Story About Gay Son
    90. Let Love Define Family: Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s Story
    91. Let Love Define Family: Heidi and Karla’s Story
    92. FreedHearts.org: To Christian Parents of Gay Children
    93. FreedHearts.org: To a Church that Dehumanizes Gays
    94. FreedHearts.org: “Have a good life. Goodbye.” – Dad
    95. GLAAD: Ben, 21-year-old gay man lost to suicide, remembered by his mom & 10-year-old sister
    96. FreedHearts.org: What’s Your Stake in the Gay Debate?
    97. FreedHearts.org: Moms, You’re Not a Disappointment
    98. Moms Rising: Five Things to Know About Obamacare for LGBT Families
    99. Moms Rising: Queering the Wage Gap
    100. Bloggity Bloo: So I Married a Mormon (ps I’m Gay…)
    101. Love Matters: MVA and old ladies…the good and the bad
    102. Love Matters: Idols aren’t just golden calves
    103. GLAD: Equal Justice Under Law: Beyond Belts and Suspenders: Protecting LGBT Families
    104. Giggle and Hugs: One Year Later
    105. Gays With Kids – Frank Emanuele: It Takes a Village to Make a Child
    106. Gays with Kids – Frank Emanuele: Special Travel Companions
    107. Baba-Hood: Today. A Day.
    108. @Vermont: Family of Four: Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day 2014
    109. And the Next Day: Blogging for LGBTQ Familes: Now With Children
    110. Two Moms to Be Proud? Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day
    111. Notes from Stand Up Stand Out South Metro MN: Happy Fathers’ Day
    112. Almost There: Defining the LGBTQ+ Family
    113. Big Dyke Mama: #LGBTQfamilies
    114. Lesbian Dad by way of Facebook: Untitled!
    115. Moms and Bombs: 5 things you may not know about Queerspawn
    116. the queer contingent: Cheers to Anon
    117. Gays With Kids – Bill Delaney: Born into the Culture Wars: Growing Up with LGBT Parents – Part I
    118. Gays With Kids – Bill Delaney: Coming out about their families: Growing up with LGBT Parents – Part 2
    119. Gays With Kids – Bill Delaney: Being gay with gay parents: Growing up with LGBT Parents – Part 3
    120. Leaps and Bounds: Thoughts on Love and Acceptance
    121. Pieces Of Religion: Think Before You Speak – Questions that Erk Me
    122. Gays with Kids – Bill Delaney: Is Your Child a Status Symbol, Social Experiment, or Tool of the Gay Agenda?
    123. ElixHer: Our Family: Onyx Keesha & Noble Julz
    124. MomsRising – Rev. Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy: Just Like You