roundup_200Some of the things making headlines that I haven’t covered elsewhere, including Utah families in limbo and a Montessori school behaving badly.

  • A Montessori school in Texas has apparently rejected a three-year-old boy because he has two moms. I’m rather surprised by this; my son went to a Montessort kindergarten, and my understanding was that Montessori schools in general tend to be very welcoming and inclusive environments.
  • Salt Lake City’s City Weekly explains why “Same-Sex Adoption Status Has Parents and Judges Confused and Fearful.” When U.S. Supreme Court ordered a stay on marriages of same-sex couples in Utah, the state responded by telling courts that “any adoptions by same-sex parents should be paused until the larger case on gay marriage, pending before a federal district court, can be decided.”
  • Marriage for same-sex couples in Virginia has also been stayed pending appeal. The Richmond Times-Dispatch, however, profiles the relationship between the city’s Jewish Family Services, which since the late 1990s has “facilitated dozens of adoptions to LGBT couples across Virginia,” and the Richmond Gay Community Foundation. The latter is funding the former “to promote and encourage adoption among the LGBT community in metro Richmond through workshops and other resources.”
  • A three-judge panel in the U.K. upheld the appeal of a genetic mom in a custody dispute with her twins’ other mom, the gestational mother. (They did what my spouse and I did, and had one donate eggs to the other.) It’s decent coverage, if you ignore the dated “lesbian lovers” headline.
  • BuzzFeed’s Jarett Wieselman and Claire Pires share “What It’s Like to be the Gay Children of Gay Parents.”
  • Finally, in celebrity news, actor Sarah Gilbert and musician Linda Perry married last weekend. Gilbert has two children from a previous relationship.