roundup_200A mix of stories about LGBT parents from round and about, including a former Republican president witnessing the wedding of two lesbian moms, a really smart piece on gender, and more moms leading the charge for marriage equality.

Must Read

  • If you haven’t yet read E.J. Graff’s Newsweek cover story “What’s Next for the Gay Rights Movement,” make sure to do so. She looks beyond the various policy areas (marriage, employment nondiscrimination, etc.) to “a much larger cultural question that deeply deserves our country’s attention. It has to do with gender: the way our culture, our politics, and our legal system treats femininity, masculinity, and everything in between.” A different approach to gender “will affect all Americans,” not just the LGBT community, she asserts. It’s a smart, thought-provoking, on-target piece — and I’d say that even if E.J. wasn’t a lesbian mom.

Politics and Law

  • Adding to the moms fighting for marriage equality whom I wrote about Monday, Nancy Michael and Jane Fenton and their son Drew are among the three plaintiff families seeking the freedom to marry in West Virginia.
  • Nathan Schaefer, Executive Director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, writes about the many inequalities remaining for LGBT people after marriage equality, including New York’s proposed Child Parent Security Act, which would better protect families created through sperm, egg, or embryo donations.

Celebrity News

  • Actor and mom Jodie Foster is reportedly dating photographer Alexandra Hedison, Ellen DeGeneres’ ex.
  • Alabama Rep. Patricia Todd, the state’s first out gay legislator, wed Jennifer Clarke in Provincetown, Mass. The AP reports, “Clarke’s 25-year-old daughter, a third-year law student, officiated the ceremony.”

  • Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara were official witnesses at the Maine wedding of Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen, who have known the Bushes “for years,” reports the Washington Post, which adds, “Clement, 60, said she and Thorgalsen, 55, have been together for 12 years, during which she helped raise her new wife’s now-adult daughters.”

Family Profiles and Community

  • Michigan State University’s State News profiles gay dads Kent Love, the communications director for the MSU College of Law, and his partner Diego Ramirez.
  • A new South Florida group aims to provide support for LGBT grandparents.