wtcOnce again, we remember 9/11.

I remember working next door to the World Trade Center until two business days before the tragedy. I remember spouses of friends and colleagues of colleagues lost forever.

I remember incidents across the country of people reaching out to Muslim communities and citizens, letting them know that many people realize there is a difference between a Muslim and a terrorist. I remember, too, incidents that showed that many others were not so wise.

I remember 9/11 as my country dances around the possibility of military action against a largely Muslim country.

I have no great insight on how to address the current situation, even as I am sickened by reports of children killed in Syria. As a mother, though, I can put faith in my ability to raise my son to respect and value all cultures and religions, so that he may see any future terrorist acts or military conflict as acts of specific individuals, rather than of a people or a faith.

To that end, I was glad to see this list of “10 Must Have Books for Muslim Children” by Isra Hashmi at Aquila Style. They look like great choices for both Muslim and non-Muslim children, and I look forward to seeing if they’re at our local library.

May we each work towards understanding and peace, for the sake of all our children.