2013familydayContinuing with my series of tantalizing quotes from Blogging for LGBT Families Day, here are six more that caught my eye. I hope they pique your interest enough to go read the full posts.

  • Gnome and Fairy: “I don’t know you yet, but I know about you. I know you started your life as two separate wishes, wandering the world in the hearts and minds of two individual people.”
  • Wise Edits: “As Queer Black women, we don’t have many role models. The connection and communication with our elders is rare. It’s important to recognize and honor the LGBTQ women in our lives who have come before us, blazing trails that we may not have ever known we’d walk.”
  • One of THOSE Moms: “Last week there was an episode [of Modern Family] that highlighted Lily and her 2 dads, Cam and Mitchell … out of the middle of nowhere, Sydney incredulously said “Lily has 2 dads!” – um, okay.  i knew this day was coming but i didn’t expect it to arrive so soon – and because i thought i had more time, i didn’t have a response ready to go – so i winged it.”
  • Queer Dads: “My kid, Jetpack, thinks our family is the coolest thing ever. . . . ‘Yes. I have two daddies!’ He shouts. Everything with a 3-year-old happens loudly.”

  • Always Just a Cook: “I don’t tend to think of us as a house with two moms. I don’t even think of us (on most days) as a house with a mirage of other Alphabet Soup designations. (most of the household has some form of ADHD and/or ASD).”
  • Love Invents Us: “As the only gay family at Yogi’s school and the only lesbian Mama in my Mom’s group, I am hyper conscious of the fact that there is some weight on my shoulders. Not just the weight of creating the best environment for my own boys, but of functioning as the only gay family that many people in my community know.”