2013familydayIt’s Blogging for LGBT Families Day! Below is the master list of contributed posts, which I have kept updated throughout the day (and into the night). [Last update: 08:00 a.m. ET, 6/4: I’m still accepting posts to accommodate time zones, family emergencies, and simple forgetfulness. Make sure to check the list for new additions you haven’t read!]

To submit a post, complete the form at the end of this post. Older posts are welcome, too. If you don’t have a blog of your own (but only then), leave your contribution in a comment.

Please allow some time between submitting a post and its appearance in the list below. I will be updating the list as fast as possible, but new posts may not appear immediately.

You can also tweet in support of LGBT families and use the hashtag #lgbtfamilies. Your tweets will then appear in the list over in the sidebar. (You can follow the hashtag using your favorite Twitter software, too.)

Please encourage all your friends, LGBT and not, to participate! Thanks to the Family Equality Council for co-sponsoring this year’s event.

Your contributed posts, in chronological order, are below.

    1. PoemFish Being the ‘Other Mother’ (but not what you think)
    2. Keshet Orthodox Parents, United by Love of Torah… and Our LGBT Children
    3. Keshet Counting the Omer…Counting my Blessings
    4. Keshet Love Our Families
    5. Dad Loves Daddy The Hate I Dread
    6. Rainbow Family News Mom and Me
    7. MomsRising.org Equity for LGBTQ Families a Moral Imperative
    8. Just Another Mommy Blog Please Leave God out of It
    9. Designer Daddy My Two Daddies (Can Beat Up Your One) – The Single
    10. Counting Chickens Just Like You
    11. Lesbian Family Marriage Equality: the “Tri” in our Kids’ Trifecta
    12. Two-and-a-Half-Women.tumblr.com It Gets Better, But It Also Gets Old
    13. BeanandLarkspur 17 years
    14. Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents Blogging Because We Are Family
    15. Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh Blogging for LGBTQ Families in Pittsburgh
    16. Doorknobs That Lock Two moms, one son, and Boy Scouts
    17. First Time Second Time Out as trans and back at the blog
    18. Two Mommies Ask Mommies
    19. Little Monster and Mommies SPD through his eyes
    20. MomsRising.org A Love Letter to LGBTQ Families from NC
    21. Peaches & Coconuts Pride Abounds in North Jersey
    22. Are You the Babysitter? Hardly Gay Today
    23. Outrunning The Storm Just Your Average Moms Next Door
    24. Bread and Roses Year of the Gayby
    25. Love Invents Us Yes, I Did Say Wife: Life as the Token Lesbian Mom
    26. @Vermont Blogging for LBGT Families Day 2013: Another Big Year
    27. Mouths of Babes Mother’s Day…the lesbian way
    28. Caviar and Quarters When is the right time to have kids?
    29. Living Hypothetically On Marrying
    30. Comingoutatmidlife.com Of Sea Changes and Skim Milk Marriages
    31. Coffee, Clutter and Chaos Why my family is different than yours!
    32. Adventurous Moms 2013 Blogging for LGBT Families Day: Getting Creative
    33. ELIXHER Our Family: Ira and Malika Hardy
    34. Labels are for Jars Blogging for LGBT Families: Expansive Family
    35. Equal Justice Under Law How to Be a Great LGBT Family
    36. Wise Edits “Aunt”s and Other-Mothering in a Queer Household
    37. Huffington Post I Get to Define My Own Family
    38. KarmenGarrett Why I lost it on some random conservative on Twitter yesterday
    39. Don’t Lick The Ferrets Blogging For LGBT Families 2013
    40. Add More Lesbians Blogging for LGBT Families
    41. Freedom to Marry Commitment Through Friendship: Leah, Natalie and Hayes in New Orleans
    42. 1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure Our Adoption Story
    43. Viktoria Michaelis: Secrets & desires Upholding God’s Law
    44. 1 in Vermillion Just keep swimming
    45. Beginning from the Start My LGBT family
    46. twohotmamas Blogging for Our Family
    47. Always Just a Cook I’m Just a Cook…
    48. My Two Mums How do I define my role?
    49. EquallyFamily.com Real Families: Allison, Elizabeth and Marshall
    50. One of THOSE Moms Lily Has 2 Dads
    51. Making Lucky Number Seven Acceptance – LGBT Families Day
    52. The Philadelphia Jewish Voice Interview: Jewish Lesbian Couple Are First to Sign Civil Union in Colo
    53. A (un)conventional family Breaking New Ground?
    54. Our Simon Family Blogging for LGBT Families Day: A typical morning
    55. I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the Hell Do I Read? Born This Way: Real Stories Of Growing Up Gay
    56. Two Mountain Moms Fast Fetus!
    57. two moms two moms A Heavy Heart
    58. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #lgbtfamilies: Rev. David Eck
    59. Huffington Post How Bringing Equality to Boy Scouts Has Strengthened Our Family
    60. Super INky Blogging for LGBT Families Day: Why My Family is Special
    61. Jen Gennari First Daughters: A thank you to the Obamas
    62. Mommy Man: Adventures of a Gay Superdad What to Expect When You’re Expecting… and Gay
    63. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #lgbtfamilies: Cheryl Moch
    64. BiNet USA’s Blog My Queer Family
    65. KarmenGarrett Two Mamas; Two Babies
    66. Gnome and Fairy On Conceivability
    67. Bible Belt to Boulder Reflections on a Union
    68. BiNet USA’s Blog Blogging for LGBT Families Day: Bisexual Parenting
    69. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies: Cynthia Catania
    70. *GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies: Tina Long
    71. Mondays with Mac Sometimes Good Things Happen to Those Who Don’t Wait
    72. A Day is Short Thankful: Blogging for LGBT Families Day
    73. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies: Annmarie Cullen
    74. The Family Room Showing Pride in My Family
    75. Amal Nahurriyeh The Same and Not-The-Same
    76. Raising My Rainbow My Son Is Not Blue He Is Pink
    77. Butlerish 11ish
    78. It’s a bold life My son no longer likes princesses
    79. Beginning from the Start Expecting this
    80. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies: Hannah Moch
    81. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies: Katy Butler
    82. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies: Liam Thomas Mugavin
    83. More than just another Mom Blog Terrible Twos
    84. carrielagnew making it official, aka getting legally married
    85. Lesbian Family What Is Yet To Come
    86. Musings from inside, outside, and underneath Suddenly the World Seems like such a Perfect Place
    87. Beccas Gender Quest Ch 23: What to do for Transition before Hormones and Surgery
    88. 4Real Equality Weddings 4Real Equality Families
    89. Freedom to Marry My Two Moms: How 12 awesome families are celebrating Mothers’ Day this year
    90. GLAAD Blog Because they blog *against* our families
    91. With an Open Heart: A humanistic approach to living Sterility
    92. Kathy’s Crazy Days Look how far our nation has come
    93. PictureBooksReview Roland Humphrey is Wearing a WHAT?
    94. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #lgbtfamilies: Marsha Aizumi
    95. Nel’s New Day Finding Family in Books
    96. Nel’s New Day Senators Fail to Support Same-Sex Couples
    97. Denver Parent Simon Says: A thoughtful post
    98. The Authentic Life The Perfect Couple
    99. carrielagnew Making it official, aka getting getting legally married
    100. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies Day: Brendon Bedell
    101. The Betty and Boo Chronicles Blogging for LGBT Families: We Are Family
    102. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies: Wade Davis
    103. A Little To The Left PRIDE
    104. Posy Roberts Parenting an LGBT Savvy Kid
    105. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies: Juan del Hierro
    106. Ever Moving Mama Why we’re not racing to get legally married
    107. The Gayby Project: Making the Next Generation of Fabulous Blogging for LGBTQ Families: Always Enough
    108. The Adventures of K & D random thoughts of our family
    109. lil Burghers Blogging For LGBT Families Day
    110. One Urban Nest Excerpts From a Toddler’s Reading of The Family Book
    111. NeverContrary Today I let anger win and that makes me sad
    112. Bloggity Bloo Blogging for LGBT Families – Why Tonight (Or The End Of June…) Will Be Momentous For Me.
    113. librarygrrrl.net My Family is Normal
    114. Two Moms to Be Blogging for LGBT Families Day
    115. JNICK’s Empower Blog Your Family… My Family… ALL Families Matter!
    116. Artificially Sweetened Happy Blogging for LGBT Families Day
    117. Lezbmommies She
    118. The mamas and the babas Men Take Big Bites
    119. More Than Words We’re Famous!
    120. Pink Families – Healthy, Proud, Informed Gay families: Exploring gay families around the world
    121. Pink Families – Healthy, Proud, Informed Two moms: Are two-mom families good enough?
    122. Pink Families – Healthy, Proud, Informed Resilience: What is it and how do our families get some?
    123. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies Day: Go! Athletes
    124. GLAAD Blog Blogging for #LGBTFamilies Day: Photos
    125. SafariDad Marriage Equality Is Not Acceptable
    126. Religion Optional My Family Is Just Like Yours
    127. Ms. Writey Pants Just Your Average Boring Bisexual Mom
    128. SafariDad San Francisco History — The Project
    129. Clovernode Chosen Family: Then and Now
    130. Rainbow Rumpus Coming Out in Our Families
    131. LesBeMums LGBT Families – A Post From an LGBT Child
    132. Queer Dads There is No Closet Around a 3-Year-Old