The New Yorker made headlines last week for featuring lesbian moms on its cover for Mothers’ Day. But as Elixher reminded me, another national, not-LGBT-specific magazine featured lesbian moms on the cover this spring: Black Enterprise.

The couple are Mignon Moore and Elaine Harley of Los Angeles. Attentive readers will remember Moore, an associate professor of sociology at UCLA, as the author of Invisible Families: Gay Identities, Relationships, and Motherhood among Black Women, which I reviewed a while back. She and Harley are fostering a child and plan to adopt.

The article also profiles several other lesbian couples with children, and also some gay male couples, emphasizing the legal and financial obstacles they face. (It’s a business magazine, after all.)

It’s great to see our families gaining such visibility in the mainstream press. Let’s hope that those outside the LGBT community who read articles like these are spurred into taking action and speaking out on our behalf. The recent marriage-equality victories are a sign that they are doing so—but we’re still a long way from full equality.

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