whatmakesababy_200One of the most frequent questions I get from readers is “Do you know of any children’s books about reproduction that work for my family?” Now, no matter how you created your family, and no matter what your gender identity, I’m happy to say the answer is “Yes.” And I’m giving away signed copies.

What Makes a Baby, by Cory Silverberg, is a rare and wonderful book that works across multiple dimensions of inclusion. Whether you created your family through traditional reproduction, assisted reproduction, surrogacy, or adoption; whether you are parenting with a same-sex partner, a different-sex partner, or alone; whether you and your spouse/partner (if you have one) identify as male, female, or in-between; and no matter your racial identity, the book leaves room for us all, while also explaining the basics of human reproduction for children four to seven years old. I have a fuller review and interview with Silverberg in my newspaper column this week, which I’ll post here later; you can read it in the meantime over at Bay Windows. (Minor typo: The book is actually 36 pages long, not 32.)

The book began as a Kickstarter project, which I mentioned about a year ago; it’s now been picked up by Seven Stories Press and will be published by them starting May 21 (though you can pre-order now). At the bottom of this post is the video Silverberg created for Kickstarter, which explains more about the book and his approach—but first, the giveaway!

The Prize

A copy of What Makes a Baby, signed by Cory Silverberg. I’ll give away another later in the week, too, so stay tuned!

The Giveaway

Leave a comment below about either a) how you (or your parents) created your family; b) how you explained it or hope to explain it to your kid(s); or c) how your parent(s) or others explained your family creation to you. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed; the winner will be drawn randomly, not judged.

I will randomly select the winner from all comments received before 8:00 a.m. ET, May 14, 2013.

Additional Rules and Restrictions

U.S. residents only, please. One entry per person. Don’t worry if your comment is moderated; once I approve it, it will appear based on the time you submitted it. Spam comments, including off-topic or commercial comments, will not count. If you win any one of the drawings for this book, you cannot play again for this book. (You can leave a comment to participate in the discussion, but I won’t enter you in the drawing.) If you are or have been a paying advertiser (or an employee of a paying advertiser) on Mombian, you can’t play.

You must also leave a valid e-mail address with your comment. Don’t leave a postal address, though. If you win, I’ll contact you by e-mail about shipping. I will then share the winner’s name and postal address with the author, for the sole purpose of allowing him to mail you your prize directly.

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