roundup_200Here are some of the stories I haven’t posted about separately—and they’re all happy ones this week, so enjoy!

  • A new study by uSamp and Oxygen Media found that 87 percent of Americans believe the definition of a traditional family has evolved, reports the Advocate. Seventy-nine percent believe same-sex couples can be great parents. (Whereupon I ask: Does that mean the remaining 21 percent believe all parents screw up their kids?) Oxygen commissioned the study to coincide with their upcoming film, Untold Stories of Motherhood, “director Marilyn Agrelo’s look at the new modern family.”  It premieres June 12, with a Web series featuring five of the birth mothers premiering May 12.
  • Brazil has confirmed that same-sex couples should have the same access to assisted reproduction as different-sex couples.
  • Johanna Sigurdardottir, the Prime Minister of Iceland since 2009 and also a lesbian mom, stepped down and retired from politics.
  • Devon Corneal, a straight mom, writes at HuffPo about “The Talk My Preschooler Wasn’t too Young to Have“—that same-sex couples can marry. Great ally work!
  • The Advocate profiles Sarah Bettens, lead singer of the Belgian rock band K’s Choice, who is now living in Tennessee with her partner and two kids (and has just released two new albums).

Two pieces of news about ABC’s The Fosters, the upcoming drama about two moms and their family:

Transgender parents have been in the media several times lately: