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If you’re visiting here for the first time, welcome! I was surprised and delighted to see a reference to Mombian today in a New York Times article about Mary Bonauto, the intrepid lawyer who led the fight for marriage equality here in my home state of Massachusetts. I know traffic is up because of it, so I want to extend a special greeting to new visitors. Here’s a little more about the site and an invitation to the yearly blogging event here in June.

I started Mombian in 2005 after noting a lack of sites with current, practical news and information for LGBT parents, or sites that looked at other aspects of LGBT culture with a parent’s eye. That has changed somewhat since I began, but I still try to provide my own special blend of news, analysis, and commentary on topics relevant to LGBT parents, including parenting tips, reviews of books for and about LGBT parents and our children, political and legal happenings, and more. I also write a regular Mombian column for several major LGBT newspapers around the country.

The big event of the year around here, though, is the annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day blog carnival I created in 2006, and have hosted annually ever since. Over the years, hundreds of bloggers (LGBT and not) have contributed posts in support of LGBT families. The event takes place at the start of LGBT Pride Month, on a day that sits about midway between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day—honoring both equally, but also recognizing that not all families fit into the traditional structure of one mother and one father. This year, the event will be held on Monday, June 3. Simply post on your own blog on that date (or upload your own video to YouTube or other video-sharing site), then visit Mombian to submit the link and be added to the master list for all to see. Mark your calendars now! (I’ll post further details and banners in a few weeks; this is a bonus preview announcement.)

I hope you’ll have a look around and come back often. I welcome respectful comments and conversation.