You likely know about Heather Has Two Mommiesthe classic children’s book featuring a girl with lesbian moms. But did you know author Lesléa Newman is also the author of two Passover-themed picture books?

Newman says Passover is her favorite holiday. Her book A Sweet Passover is about a girl who is thoroughly sick of matzo (the flat, unleavened cracker eaten in lieu of bread during the holiday). Her wise grandfather convinces her to try his matzo brei, or fried matzo—think french toast made with softened matzo—and stirs in some lessons about the meaning of the holiday. The book doesn’t feature LGBT parents, but is still a wonderful story about family. I love it for the memories of making matzo brei with my own father—and watching him make it with my son.

Her older book, Matzo Ball Moon, stars a girl whose grandmother’s matzo ball soup is so good, everyone in the family sneaks a bite before the meal, leaving no matzo balls for Bubbe. The girl must use her creativity to find one for her. Again, it’s not an LGBT-themed story, but it’s a sweet one.

Alas, there is no book yet, by Newman or anyone, involving Passover and an obviously LGBT family. Elisabeth Kushner’s The Purim Superhero has the honor of being the first—and only—LGBT-inclusive Jewish children’s book in English (although there’s this suspicious couple in a book from 1985).

Chag sameach to all of you celebrating the festival next week.

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