The Simons testifying in support of civil unions in 2012 (Courtesy of One Colorado)

Lesbian moms Fran and Anna Simon “have almost become the de facto face of the civil unions debate in Colorado,” according to NPR. NPR’s KUNC interviewed the couple last week, where they spoke about the long fight for civil unions and their hopes for full marriage equality.

The Colorado State Senate voted in favor of civil unions last week, and the measure now goes on to the House, where it is also expected to pass. (The Democrats have a majority, and the Speaker of the House is Mark Ferrandino (D-Denver), who is openly gay.) Governor John Hickenlooper (D) supports it.

I mentioned the Simons a couple of weeks ago when they were kind enough to share the story of meeting Denver Nuggets’ player (and son of two moms) Kenneth Faried. They’ve been in the news for quite some time, however, as this Denver Post article from last May makes clear.

Fran spoke with NPR about all of their personal efforts for civil unions, noting:

Well, we’re happy to do it for the cause, but we wish we didn’t have to do it. We want people to see that we’re just like them. We have the same hopes and value and dreams and the same daily agenda. You know, getting up having breakfast getting [our son] off to school. Going to work, picking him up from school, taking him to activities.

Many of us can relate, I imagine. Here’s hoping the Simons and all other civil union supporters in the state see their hard work pay off in the weeks ahead. The first House hearing on the bill will be February 28 at 1:30pm MT.