Becky is American. Sanne is Dutch. They met in India several years ago, fell in love, started their family, and married in the Netherlands. They lived there for some time, where Becky was fully recognized as Sanne’s spouse. They moved to the U.S., however, in order to be closer to Becky’s family in North Carolina, and decided that’s where home is for them. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), however, means they must live in fear that any day an immigration agent could show up at their door and remove Sanne. Becky says, “to some people it’s a vote, but to us, it’s our lives, and our family, and we’re not just a political issue or a platform.” Here is a video of their story.

This video comes via The DOMA Project, which is “fighting to stop deportations, separations and exile of gay and lesbian binational couples caused by the Defense of Marriage Act and U.S. immigration law.”