Photo credit: Fran Simon

I posted Monday about basketball star Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets, who spoke out on behalf of his two moms and in favor of civil unions (and marriage equality) in Colorado. That’s cool—but it turns out he’s even cooler. Reader Fran Simon, who is herself working to help pass the civil union bill, sent me a fun story about her family meeting Faried. I’m sharing it here, with her permission.

Last Thursday, Fran, her partner, and their five-year-old son testified at the state Senate committee hearing on civil unions. Here’s a clip of them (starting at about 55 seconds). The next day, they met Faried at a party hosted by One Colorado to celebrate Colorado’s eight openly lesbian and gay legislators. She writes:

He was so nice and spent a lot of time talking to my son (and signed his shoe). Kenneth and Jeremy bonded over having two moms. Below is some of the conversation they had.  Kenneth’s moms were so nice too! . . .

Photo credit: Fran Simon

I asked Kenneth Faried what Jeremy should do if he wants to become a professional anything. I was wanting him to say work hard, practice, or something like that, but both he and his mom gave a better answer, “Have fun and do what you love!”

Also, Jeremy said “I was at the Capitol yesterday helping to make a law.” Kenneth Faried said, “Wow Jeremy, I want to be like you when I grow up.” Jeremy said, “But Kenneth you are so much bigger than me, and I’m not even a grown up, silly.”

She adds:

Kenneth said he would take my son’s Junior Nuggets jersey that he wears in YMCA basketball games and give him one of his signed jerseys.  Jeremy didn’t want to give up his jersey.  I said, “Take the deal, Jeremy!”

Also, Kenneth tried to put Jeremy’s jersey on and could barely get it over his hands. Kenneth was extremely kind and generous with his time with us.  He is a great role model for kids with two moms.

Fran also mentioned to me that the new state Senator who chaired the committee is a gay dad, Jessie Ulibarri (about whom more here). The bill looks likely to pass; kudos to everyone in the state working hard to make that happen.