Wendy and Karen have been blogging at 2 Moms – It can be done since 2006. I liked Wendy’s recent post, “One Little Word 2013—Manifesto,” because it not only gave me a glimpse into her own life, but also made me think about my own goals for the new year in a different way.

Wendy writes that she is participating in the “One Little Word” project started by Ali Edwards—choosing a word that will act as a guiding force for the year. Wendy’s word for 2013 is “manifesto.” She explains, “The idea of the manifesto isn’t so much a ‘to do’ list to stress over but rather a list of things that are seasonal and important and fun.” She plans to create a manifesto for each season, and shares her Winter Manifesto with us. Take a look.

Wendy has me thinking about what a good word of the year would be for me, even though I’m rarely that organized when it comes to my own New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe that means “organize” would be appropriate. What about you?