Wow. I take a New Year’s vacation with my family for a few days (about which more later), and look what happens: The first baby born in France in 2013 has lesbian moms.

Of course, only one of them is the legal parent under current French law, as the U.K.’s Telegraph notes. HuffPo Gay adds that one of the moms had to undergo donor insemination in Belgium because same-sex couples are not allowed to do so in France.

Some of that could change if proposals to legalize marriage and adoption for same-sex couples go through—an uncertain proposition at the moment. It appears, however, that even if the currently proposed legislation passes, the right to donor insemination will not be part of it. I find it interesting that in the U.S., same-sex couples in most states have had access to donor insemination long before we ever had the right to both be legal parents of our children; France seems to be proceeding from the other direction. The road to égalité has many branches, it seems.