Welcome to 2013! I don’t know about you, but for me, 2012 zipped by at a faster than usual clip. I’m hoping 2013 takes a more leisurely pace, allowing my family and me to relax, enjoy, and savor all of the sweet moments it brings.

2012 was the year I went back to paid employment after spending eight years at home with our son. It was the year Mombian won as an “Outstanding Blog” in the GLAAD Media Awards. It was the year I began to have a little more faith in our country being on the right track, with the reelection of President Obama and the winning of four marriage equality measures at the ballot box. Most significantly, though, it was the first full calendar year without my dad, when each holiday and family gathering took on an extra poignancy.

I don’t know what 2013 will have in store, but I’m hoping to keep on trying to balance work and life (and blogging, which falls somewhere across the two), to workout more and stress out less, and to love, laugh, and learn as much as possible.

What are your New Year’s thoughts and/or resolutions?