Congratulations to Roe, who won last week’s giveaway of Jennifer Gennari’s LGBT-inclusive middle-grade book My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer. (For details about the book, see my earlier post.) Even if you didn’t win, though, here’s one thing you can do to help authors of LGBT-inclusive kids’ books (and thus, indirectly, our kids).

If you’ve read My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer, or any other LGBT-inclusive kids’ book, pop on over to Amazon (or other online book seller of your choice) and leave a short review. As you’ll soon tell if you read through the reviews of almost any such book, they get a fair number of negative reviews simply because of their LGBT content. Make it clear you don’t agree. Obviously, if you have negative things to say about the book’s literary or artistic merits, say so—I’m all for encouraging more quality LGBT-inclusive kids’ books—but let people know it has nothing to do with the topic in general.

Happy reading!