Gina Trapani is best known as the founder of the Lifehacker blog, but also began a much more personal venture this year—her own family. She wrote recently about her and her wife’s path to parenthood in “How to Make a Baby” for The Magazine. When a piece begins, “Choosing a sperm donor is a little bit like setting up an Xbox avatar,” you know it’s worth a read.

Trapani’s piece is more than just clever technology analogies, though, but also a thoughtful exploration of her family’s beginning. She gives appropriate recognition to the technology that helped it happen, but realizes that (as in so many cases) it’s less about the technology itself and more about the human interactions that surround it.

The best line of the piece, in my opinion, should serve as inspiration for non-bio mom partners of bio moms everywhere:

Our baby girl was born on September 18, 2012. She looks just like my wife, which means I get to fall in love again with a new iteration of the most important person in my life.