Photo credit: DanM

Canadian football star Jon Cornish of the Calgary Stampeders won the Canadian Football League’s “Most Outstanding Canadian” award last Thursday—and came out about his two moms during his acceptance speech.

The running back said, “”Once again, I’d like to thank my mom—well, my two moms. Because who are we without our families?”

Both his coach and the team quarterback have praised Cornish for opening up to fans and teammates about his family, reports the Vancouver Sun. CTV News has further details about his family, including how his mom raised five kids on a music teacher’s salary before becoming an Anglican priest, how she came out to Jon while he was in college, and how he speaks up against gay slurs.

Cornish isn’t the only professional athlete who has spoken publicly about having two moms. South of the 49th parallel, basketball player Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets talked with about his a couple of years ago. (I’m sure there are others, too. If you know of anyone else, please leave a comment!)

Alas, Cornish’s Stampeders could not overcome the Toronto Argonauts in yesterday’s Grey Cup, the Canadian national championships.