Here are some of the LGBT parenting stories I haven’t covered elsewhere—our families in the South, new advertising campaigns, and more.

  • The Georgia Voice looks “Inside Georgia’s (and America’s) Gayby Boom.” It’s a great piece that looks at the changing demographics of gay and lesbian parents.
  • Lorraine Devon Wilke at Addicting Info introduces us to a lesbian mom couple she knows, and explains why they represent “The Heart, Soul and Face of Gay Marriage.”
  • Kimberly Krauttner at HuffPo reminds us that even today, lesbian moms may still find themselves in custody battles where their sexual orientation—and racial heritage—are used against them.
  • RaiseAChild.US, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit, has launched a campaign to encourage LGBT people to become foster parents. The campaign includes recruitment events in the San Francisco Bay Area, Orange County, Los Angeles, and New York City, as well as radio public service announcements, streetlight banners, and public transit ads.
  • Baby accessory company firm Mamas & Papas has launched an advertising campaign in the U.K. featuring single and same-sex parents.
  • Finally, while it’s not specific to us parents, it’s historic enough that I want to give it a mention: the American Foundation for Equal Rights has information on when same-sex couples can get married in Maine, Maryland, and Washington.