Post of the WeekKirsten of I Have Two Mommies gets the Post of the Week spot for her “Go the $%*! to Sleep!” about, well—if you’ve raised an infant, you know. I also liked her post for the small lesbian-specific detail.

She writes that her son’s difficulty in falling asleep “developed over the last month or so, beginning with pride. He didnt get great naps that weekend.”

That’s pretty much what being a lesbian mom is all about—the vast majority of the time, we deal with the same issues as any other parent: getting our kids to sleep, helping them with homework, putting Band-Aids on scraped knees. Occasionally we may do something lesbiriffic, like go to Pride festivities, but even then we’re thinking about things like naps and nappies.

Whether you’re doing something lesbiriffic or just plain parenting, have a great weekend!