Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2012Yes, it’s here! It’s Blogging for LGBT Families Day! Below is the master list of contributed posts. (Last update: 1:15am ET, June 2.)

You can still submit a post, even though it’s after midnight in my own time zone. I’ll update the list in the morning. (I’m a mom; I understand things come up.)

To submit a post, complete the form at the end of this post. Older posts are welcome, too. If you don’t have a blog of your own (but only then), leave your contribution in a comment.

Please allow some time between submitting a post and its appearance in the list below. I will be updating the list as fast as possible, but new posts may not appear immediately.

You can also tweet in support of LGBT families and use the hashtag #lgbtfamilies. Your tweets will then appear in the list over in the sidebar. (You can follow the hashtag using your favorite Twitter software, too.)

Please encourage all your friends, LGBT and not, to participate! Thanks to the Family Equality Council for co-sponsoring this year’s event!

Your contributed posts, in chronological order, are below.

  1. DADsquared Gay Dads, The Final Frontier of Parenting?
  2. Sally Around The Bay Other Mothers
  3. maddog theatrical productions Blogging for LGBT Families
  4. Classy Kids Photography Blog Is the new business fad going to be “we are totally LGBT friendly”?
  5. Dad Loves Daddy The Road To King
  6. Just One Out of Seven Billion Same, Same, but Different
  7. Macy Has Two Grandmothers
  8. Mondays with Mac You Already Were
  9. Mytwomums The Journey has begun…
  10. GayNYCDad Happy 9th Birthday To Our Son!
  11. mind body mama A Brief History of Me
  12. help4yourfamily Protecting the Children on Blogging for LGBT Families Day
  13. Gayby Journey Where is my saliva sample?
  14. Gayby Journey ‘8? The Play
  15. Gayby Journey Test and more tests
  16. Breathe Papa, Breathe
  17. Más Mamás Seremos tres
  18. @Vermont One Happy Family
  19. Seek and You Shall Find: Thoughts on faith, justice, and journeying to wholeness On Saying Yes to Family: My LGBTQ Family Story
  20. The Mouse’s Nest A Mom by any other name
  21. Moving with Curiosity Our Journey to Becoming a Family
  22. Gnome and Fairy Family
  23. Labels are for Jars School: Blogging for LGBT Families
  24. Mama Non Grata Blogging for LGBT Families Day
  25. Are you the babysitter? I [Heart] My Daughter
  26. Conor’s Two Moms The kid is alright.
  27. Thicker than Water Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
  28. Butt to Chair: Thoughts on the Writing Life Not Your Mama’s Literature–Happy Mothers’ Day!
  29. GLAD: Equal Justice Under Law A Really Great Dad: Improving Legal Advocacy for Transgender Parents
  30. Little Monster and Mommies It is for him
  31. Ladybug Chronicles Pride (In the Name of Love)
  32. Work, Love and Play The Queer Reality of Guilt
  33. Doorknobs That Lock Breaking news update… or not
  34. Finding Snooze Family
  35. B Squared Chronicles Just like my dad
  36. Laurustina For The Love of Ashlie
  37. Lesbian Dad Evening time
  38. Alie’s Handbasket Happy Blogging for LGBT Families Day
  39. Team Shimmy Letter to My Local Homophobe
  40. Mondays with Mac Marriage (things I hope for my son)
  41. Red Zone Blog The Intersectionality Of Foster care and Youth Homelessness
  42. West Philly Mama Donor Uncle
  43. Our Simon Family Fighting for Civil Unions in Colorado
  44. The Family Room: Family Equality Council A Seat At My Table
  45. Adventurous Moms Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2012 – A Non-Bio Mom’s wish…
  46. The Family Room: Family Equality Council Why Marriage Matters To Our Kids
  47. Mommies are Light Love Is…
  48. Lambda Legal Blog Marriage in Illinois — It’s Just Time [VIDEO]
  49. Doorbell Queen Where I come from
  50. Safari Dad One Ad, Two Dads, One Million Moms
  51. Radical Gay Family Agenda Kindergarten is So Last Year!
  52. Lenox Slays the Leukemiasaurus The Lesbians, Lenox and the Leukemiasaurus
  53. TwoDads.Org Is the Dinner Table the new LGBT parade?
  54. Operación Botones Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2012
  55. Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents Being an Advocate: 7th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families
  56. One Urban Nest My Big Queer Multiracial Family
  57. Living Hypothetically You Down with LGBT?! Yeah you know me!!
  58. MoreThanWords The World Kept Turning
  59. life. love. lesbian. Love
  60. Adoptivity Why This Straight, Married Virginia Lawyer Supports LGBT Families
  61. The Family Room: Family Equality Council Count Your Blessings
  62. 2 Mommies and 2 Boys Time with my boys
  63. The Ongoing Adventures of Bean and Sprout Just Like You
  64. Be gay about it. Love and the Law: An Adoption Story.
  65. The GLSEN Blog Blogging for LGBT Families: Highlights from GLSEN’s Research on LGBT-Parent Families
  66. The GLAAD Blog Guest Post: A Different View of Family
  67. The GLAAD Blog Guest Post: Lessons on Being Dads
  68. The GLAAD Blog Guest Post: Lillian and Elsa on Becoming Parents
  69. Queer Rock Love The Little Zeus’s Room
  70. the adventures of k & d My family!
  71. Inkblot On Motherhood, and other banned queer girl topics
  72. Michael’s Fatherhood Experience Story Time With Twins
  73. DADsquared Carpe Diem, Seize Your Gay Day
  74. Michael’s Surrogate Experience Things That Are More Fun For Straight People
  75. Be Gay About It. Ordinary day, extraordinary love.
  76. Bionic Mamas Home Study Eve
  77. West Philly Mama Don’t You Know What Causes That?
  78. The Family Room: Family Equality Council My Very First Family Week
  79. Crunchy Granola Another Gay Day
  80. The Gay Bump Couldn’t Be Happier
  81. Conor’s Two Moms His journey to us
  82. Dance Peanut Blogging for LGBT Family Day or What you do in a herd
  83. Uncle Roger’s Notebooks of Daily Life Why I Care — The Daddy Edition
  84. Gay Adoption Blog Daddy, daddy, puss is dead! Waah!
  85. A Day is Short Birthday Month
  86. GingerSass LGBT Families Day
  87. we are fambly we are fambly: 2012
  88. Deb on the Rocks All In
  89. Two Lesbians, A Gay Man and a Baby Signing away our lives to each other