Posts are already rolling in to celebrate Blogging for LGBT Families Day—and while you’re welcome to wait until June 1, I imagine many of you are already thinking about what to post. Here are a dozen ideas to motivate you.

Some of these ideas may apply more to members of the LGBT community; others may apply more to allies. Keep in mind that you are not limited by these suggestions—feel free to post about anything else that inspires you, as long as it relates somehow to the topic of LGBT families.

  1. An anecdote from your daily family life. Your post doesn’t need to be epic (although it can be, if that’s how you roll). Sometimes an everyday moment says it all.
  2. A story about an LGBT family you know. What has knowing them meant to you and/or your kids?
  3. Why you want(ed) to become a parent.
  4. How coming out or transitioning has affected your relationship(s) with your child(ren).
  5. Your favorite book, movie, or TV show that includes LGBT parents and/or their children.
  6. How a law or court ruling for or against LGBT equality has affected your family or a family you know.
  7. Why you support a bill or pending court ruling for LGBT equality.
  8. A photo or video of your family.
  9. How becoming a parent has changed your relationship with your extended family.
  10. The one thing you’d most like to tell [fill in a politician’s name] about LGBT families.
  11. A poem about your family or a family you know.
  12. Your favorite family activity.