In “Flip Flop,” Kathryn at Recovering Straight Girl gives us her thoughts on why changing one’s perspective is not necessarily a bad thing. She says people are wrong to criticize President Obama for “flip-flopping” on the issue of marriage equality.

“There are very few issues that don’t come down to perspective and perspective changes all of the time,” she writes. “The entire evolution of our country has been based on a change of perspective“—witness slavery, segregation, prohibition, and women’s rights.

Kathryn has a very personal perspective on this, too. She says, “I once was heterosexual and now I’m really, really not. Flip-flopper? Hell, if I had remained heterosexual I would have been a liar. Which is worse? Changing one’s mind or lying?” She also explains how this applies to her spiritual growth and abandoning that ’80’s hairstyle.

Sometimes change is indeed good.