Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

Looks like President Obama’s statement in support of marriage equality is already having an effect. His campaign has updated an earlier blog post and now refers to two lesbian moms as “married.”

Remember the photo of First Lady Michelle Obama with lesbian mom Andrea Smith and her son from the White House photostream that I mentioned a few weeks ago? The Obama campaign also used the photo on its Web site on April 1, prior to the President’s marriage equality announcement on May 9. It said, “Logan’s moms Andrea and Nadine are strong supporters of President Obama,” but did not refer to Andrea (executive director of Green Florida) and her wife Nadine Smith  (executive director of Equality Florida) as married.

Now it does. The campaign has updated its post, which now reads, “Logan’s moms Andrea and Nadine, who were married in 2009 in Vermont, are strong supporters of President Obama [my emphasis].”

That still doesn’t mean any laws have changed or the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has been repealed. But language is power, and we’ve just gotten a little more of it.