Zach Wahls, the former University of Iowa student whose speech about marriage equality to the state House went viral—twice—on YouTube, has a new book out today about his family: My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family. I have a full review of it in my newspaper column this week, which I won’t crosspost yet, but you can read over at Bay Windows (and possibly other LGBT newspapers as the week goes on).

Suffice it to say that I liked it a lot. Wahls, who was a Boy Scout and attained the rank of Eagle Scout, shows how the Scout’s core values are also the ones his moms taught him as he grew up, played sports, faced bullies, achieved in Scouts, and supported his mom Terry as she battled multiple sclerosis. It’s a clever device by the former Iowa state debate champion, and may perhaps persuade unconvinced readers that gay- and lesbian-headed families aren’t really that different from any others. (Wahls also wrote earlier this week at HuffPo in defense of the lesbian mom in Ohio who was evicted from her position as den leader of her son’s Cub Scout group.)

The book will be just as enjoyable for LGBT families, too, I believe. It is a rare full-length memoir by the child of  two moms—and while he admits clearly that not all children with two moms are like him, he adds his perspective on the tapestry of our lives.

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