I’m honored and humbled to announce that Mombian has won the “Outstanding Blog” category in the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards, tied with the always informative and prolific Towleroad.

The other nominees are all amazing blogs as well: The Bilerico ProjectThe New Civil Rights Movement, and Rod 2.0. All of the other blogs except Rod’s have multiple writers, so I’m especially thankful to GLAAD for giving this one-woman operation a chance.

Except, of course, that it isn’t really a one-woman operation. I rely on you, dear readers, for ideas, inspiration, and the posts of your own that I have been pleased to share;  for comments, tweets, shares, and links; and for the public and private feedback you have given me over the years that keep me motivated and writing. This is your award as well.

I should also mention, since the award will likely bring some extra traffic here: It’s still a ways off, but please save the date and join us June 1 for the 7th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day. All bloggers, LGBT and not, are invited to blog in support of LGBT families at their own blogs, and then to submit the links here at Mombian. (I’ll post information in May on how to do so.) I’ll compile and showcase the entire list. (Here are last year’s contributed posts.)

It is perhaps fitting that I found out about winning the GLAAD award just minutes before my son called me up for bedtime reading. Blog awards are all well and good, but a mom still has priorities. Thanks to my son, who is the true inspiration for all of this, and to my spouse, Helen, for putting up with my long hours behind the keyboard.