If filmmaker Andrea James has her way, there will soon be a new film for young children with lesbian or gay parents. James is raising funds via Kickstarter for her project, which she describes thus:

“Family Restaurant” celebrates young children with gay or lesbian parents. It’s a magical world filled with cute characters who reflect their family lives. Set in a family restaurant, it features talking ketchup and mustard bottles among the colorful diner residents, as well as real children with gay or lesbian parents.

James serves on the Board of Directors of the Outfest LGBT film festival, and notes on her Kickstarter page, “there are very few family-friendly films where these kids can enjoy a fun story that reflects their own lives.”

Few, but not zero. Previous such films include Dottie’s Magic Pockets (my review here) and BuddyG: My Two Moms and Me (my post here). And as the folks behind Dottie are fond of pointing out, these films aren’t just for kids with lesbian and gay parents, but for their friends and families, too.

Let’s hope Family Restaurant’s dancing condiments give us a lot to relish.

Thanks to the always awesome Boing Boing for the tip.