“What Do You Know” is a new short film from the Welcoming Schools initiative that shows children ages six to twelve (including some kids with lesbian and gay parents) discussing their experiences with the words “gay” and “lesbian.” The full 13-minute film, used in Welcoming Schools diversity trainings and playing in film festivals across the country, will be available “in early 2012” through Welcoming Schools. There will also be an associated four-minute video, “Teachers Respond,” and a study guide.

Here’s a short preview. As one of the interviewees said, “Yes, elementary school kids know the word ‘gay.'” And as this GLSEN study from last week showed, elementary school children often use it in negative and harmful ways—and teachers don’t always feel prepared to  address such remarks. Welcoming Schools is only one of several resources designed to help them (and parents) do so. For several others, see my post on the GLSEN study.