• The Chicago Tribune profiles Laura Ricketts, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs and a lesbian mom—in fact, “the only openly lesbian owner of a major U.S. men’s professional sports team.”
  • STLToday.com discusses The Talk, Sara Gilbert’s new mom-focused show on CBS. (Anyone catch it yet? What do you think?)
  • Ilene Chaiken talks with After Ellen about being a mom, among other things.
  • Wanda Sykes talks with Ellen herself about being a mom, among other things. (Video.)
  • Is Sesame Street targeting a gay audience? Not intentionally, say its creators. But it sure leans that way sometimes, argue others.

Law and Politics

  • Here’s my full news piece on the lifting of the adoption ban in Florida. Already, at least one lesbian couple have applied to adopt. (It’s unclear if they are trying for a joint adoption—which could be breaking new ground—or a single-parent adoption.)
  • A judicial ombudsman in Israel ruled that a gay Israeli man who fathered twins with an Indian surrogate was subjected to “hurtful” treatment by an Israeli family court who initially denied him entry back into Israel with his children.

Personal Stories

  • Paige Schilt at Bilerico shares a great and thought-provoking story on how to respond when your kids inquire about having dads.
  • Ashli Doss of Florida A&M’s The Famuan writes about learning that her mom was a lesbian and dealing with friends whose families weren’t always accepting.


  • U.K. LGBT organization Stonewall has released a Guide For Gay Dads. Sponsored by the London Sperm Bank, it “gives practical tips on how to become a father as well as facts about sperm donation and co-parenting.”