FlagsClosing arguments in the Prop 8 trial dominated the LGBT news this week. Here are a few selections from the many channels that covered it:

  • In “Fear v. Equality,” Lisa Keen reports on the closing from the courtroom.
  • Chris Geidner offers excellent analysis at Metro Weekly as well.
  • The New York Times also covered it, and opined, “tradition seemed on the losing end of the argument.”
  • Autostraddle’s Rachel offers the funniest coverage of the closing. (Seriously. Don’t have beverages while reading this. You’ll ruin your keyboard.)
  • Karen Ocamb has photos from the post-closing press conference. Plaintiffs’ attorneys Ted Olson and David Boies sure look like they’re happy about how things went.
  • Audrey Bilger at Ms. also covers the closing, and notes a fundamental contradiction in what the defense says will happen if same-sex couples can marry: “Will heterosexuals run wild and saddle the state with excessive numbers of bastard children if gay marriage is legalized? Or will they boycott procreation and extinguish humanity once and for all?”
  • Vikram David Amar at Findlaw offers a law-geeky analysis that is well worth a read, especially for the argument he makes that the presumed appeal to the Ninth Circuit will be the key to the ultimate result.

And for those who want to delve into greater detail on the closing: