reindeerNo, I’m not suggesting you feed your children grass and lichens. One of the room parents at my son’s school made up the following recipe for each of the kids at their holiday party. Given my last name (Rudolph), it’s surprising I’d never heard of this before; I’m guessing it’s not that unusual. Still, it’s a fun little item you can give to your kids for Christmas, if you’re observing it.

Mix 1/4 cup plain, dry oatmeal (regular or instant) with about 1/2 tsp each red and green decorative sugar crystals.

My son’s room parent added this note to the bag:

On Christmas Eve,
Sprinkle this magic reindeer food
On your lawn.
The magic glitter
Sparkling in the moonlight
And the smell of oats
Will help guide
Rudolph to your house!

Anyone have any other traditions for feeding Santa and his team? (Me? I’d go multi-culti and leave him some latkes.)