No Political Roundup this week as I’m spending some extra family time prior to my son starting school in a few days. Instead, here’s a video treat for all of you environment-loving parents out there: “Electric Car,” a song from Here Comes Science, the brand-new kids’ album by They Might Be Giants.

Helen and I are unashamed geeks. With songs like “Meet the Elements,” “I Am a Paleontologist,” “My Brother the Ape,” and “How Many Planets?” you can be sure this album will join our collection.

Thanks to Brett Berk, aka The Gay Uncle, for alerting me to the new album. Brett is friends with TMBG manager Jamie Kitman, which gives him extra cool bonus points.

[Addendum: Stefan Shepherd of Zooglobble has a lengthy review of the TMBG album as well as the video of “I’m a Paleontologist.”]