Blogging for LGBT Families DayWelcome to Blogging for LGBT Families Day! Below is the master list of contributed posts. Please enjoy!

To submit a post, complete the form at the end of this post, after the jump. If you don’t have a blog of your own (but only then), please leave your contribution in a comment.

[It’s not too late: I’m lax about the end time, anyway—I’m a parent and know what it means to be running late. Thanks to all who have already submitted posts!]

A special thanks to the Family Equality Council for sponsoring the event and donating a free registration to Family Week in Provincetown for the drawing. Thanks also to author Sarah Brannen, who contributed a signed copy of her book, Uncle Bobby’s Wedding. (See end of post for details of drawing.)

Thanks as well to The Bilerico Project, COLAGE, HRC, PageOneQ, and the many others who went the extra mile in encouraging participation.

I hope you take the time to read other people’s posts and enjoy the diversity of the LGBT community and our allies. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing up some posts that pull together various themes that emerge.

Posts are included in submission order.

  1. I Want A Daddy
  2. EveryFamily (celebrating all kinds) A Boy I Loved in Red High Heels
  3. 10-Foot Poet Blogging for LGBT Families
  4. LegalOut Blog The Importance of Legal Planning for LGBT Individuals and Couples
  5. En Busca de lo Naranja y Verde Un día todos los días
  6. How to Bring Your Kids Up Queer Genderqueer Mommy
  7. HRC Back Story MN Gov Fails Kids, But We Won’t Stop Fighting For Them
  8. JosieHenley’s Weblog Busy Half Term With The Boy (blogging for LGBT families)
  9. Burning or Building Bridges in the Community Who’s Got Your Back?
  10. Fly My Pretty Crossdressing toddlers
  11. 8thdayplanner Raising Kids in Love
  12. We Love Children’s Books Blogging for LGBT Families
  13. May the Beauty Blogging for GLBT families
  14. Mamis por dos. Madres lesbianas. 1º de junio: Día anual de bloquear por las familias LGBT. Nosotros.
  15. Familias Homoparentales Integradas Argentinas Día de los blogs de Familias LGBT
  16. Doorknobs That Lock Things our son has learned over the past year
  17. Bitacora (Chile) Estudio Familias Lesbicas Chile
  18. The Bilerico Project (Jillian Weiss) My Impossible Father
  19. tin, steel and rust Sunday mornings at Church
  20. El Blog de Luli Bloggeando por familias LGTB!!
  21. We Love Children’s Books Blogging for LGBT Families Day
  22. Related Topics Lesbian and Gay Families: Living on a Patchwork Quilt
  23. The Other Mother Blogging for LGBT Families on our 12th Anniversary
  24. Up Popped A Fox Of Produce and Lesbians
  25. Artificially Sweetened Proud to be a family
  26. Moms and Bombs I love my lesbian moms
  27. Damn Straight Standing Up as the Baby
  28. Truth and Love After 40 Meet The Boys: From a late in life family
  29. Adamant Sun How Prop 8 Changed Our Little Gay Family
  30. Notebooks of Daily Life Straight Guys for Equality
  31. LasDosMamis Mi familia LGBT
  32. LasDosMamis Blogueando por las familias LGBT
  33. COMALES Blogueando sobre las familias LGBT
  34. LOweetzieLIbatTA’s Deviant Art Gratitude and Optimism
  35. Green Dads A Place For Different Beliefs, A Place For Our Family
  36. One Lazy Liberal Blogging for LGBT Families
  37. The Mama Too Blog for LGBT Families Day
  38. enough grows changing tides
  39. Jesus has Two Daddies Blogging for LGBT Families Day
  40. Vince’s View Still, Too Many Ophelias
  41. Aberration Nation Two Dad Deal: An Aberration Story
  42. Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents Blogging for LGBT Families
  43. Strollerderby Not Every Kid with a Mother has a Mommy
  44. DC PoppyCock Flying the Flag
  45. 2 mommies and a shmoo Finding our Peace
  46. Random Musings Blogging for LGBT Families Day
  47. Queercents Blogging for LGBT Families Day: Working Mommies
  48. Lotus Opening An Open Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein from a Homo West Virginian
  49. LGBT Lessons for Straight People: So Simple a Child “Gets” It
  50. Sarah Brannen LGBT Families
  51. Thoughts From A Lezzymom Blogging for LGBT Families – Typical Family
  52. Dancing on the Edge Happy Blogging Day!
  53. Books, Yarn, Ink and Other Pursuits What Makes a Family?
  54. Diana’s Little Corner in the Nutmeg State Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2009
  55. Own It. Love It. Live It. If You Fight, I’ll Fight
  56. Not the Mama Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  57. ENC blog Happy 4th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families!
  58. Crossroads and Beyond Blogging for GBLT Families 2009
  59. Snailbird Blogging for LGBT Families Day!
  60. EyeJunkie The One Where I Come Out… And Say It
  61. figboiler community from family.
  62. related topics Lesbian and Gay Families: Another Part of the Patchwork–ART Rules
  63. Susanica Truth and Reality
  64. Humpty Dumpty House Coming Out to the Birth Family
  65. No Designation My Two Moms <3 Their Trans Daughter
  66. KJ and the Kids It’s personal to me
  67. Maternidades L Familia somos: Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2009
  68. Queercents (Serena Freewomyn) Love and Money: Lessons Learned From My Queer Wedding
  69. Tenorissimo What is family?
  70. Calliopes_Muse Why I Fight On
  71. Brenda’s Banter LGBT Family
  72. Center Blog (Terry Boggis) Blogging for LGBT Families: In gratitude and grief: thoughts on the death of Dr. Tiller and what it means for LGBT families
  73. T-Equality Blog Working Together for Transgender Children
  74. Operación Botones Blogging for LGBT Families 2009: a rant
  75. Lezziemama Blogging for LGBT Families
  76. Traipsing about Granby Blogging for GLBT Families Day 2009
  77. Encantada Blog ¡Blogueando por nuestras familias!
  78. Notebooks of Daily Life The Ballad of John and Marco
  79. 4/5/2008 Blogging for GLBT Families, Weddings and….
  80. Labels are for Jars Blogging for LBGT Families Day: Elbowing at the Boundaries
  81. (Comment at Mombian) (Blogging without a Blog for LGBT Families Day
  82. Miss Rants Ad familiares
  83. Butt to Chair: Thoughts on the Writing Life Writing About LGBT Issues
  84. Fairymere Queerspawn Toast
  85. Retro-Food We are THAT LGBT Family
  86. (en)gender Blogging for LGBT Families Day!
  87. Were Those Wrinkles There Yesterday? Waving My Rainbow Pompoms!
  88. The Bilerico Project (Waymon Hudson) My “Non-Traditional” Family: Blogging for LGBT Families
  89. EveryFamily Lily at Thirteen
  90. Diary of a Modern Matriarch A Future World
  91. Louise’s Snack Bar Blogging For LGBT Families Day 2009
  92. All For the Love of You Unexpected Gifts
  93. Thalamus Center – Early Childhood Psychological Development Growing up Gay “Gay Marriage” – Marriage Equality – Opponents Based on Facts or Personal Fears of Antigay Religious Norms – afraid to love and to be loved?
  94. LizaWasHere 2009: Blogging for LGBT Families Day
  95. Embrace Your Age Cause You Livin’ Blogging for LGBT Families — Filling With Joy
  96. Transsexual Transition In Prog Blogging for LGBT Families Day!
  97. My Field of Paper Flowers Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2009
  98. Life Coaching for Women How Well Do You Handle Difficult Situations?
  99. The Family Ties That Bind Blogging for a Human Rights Cause
  100. Affine Financial Services What can kids learn from their LGBT parents about money?
  101. The Mouse’s Nest The radical act of being ourselves
  102. narrating kayoz Two mums *and* two dads – how cool is that?
  103. The Daddy Diaries Random Thoughts
  104. The Ever-Changing View Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2009
  105. Playa Minded Blogging for Equality
  106. Family is really all that counts
  107. Philadelphia Gay Parenting Examiner Summer camp for kids of LGBTQ families
  108. Notebooks of Daily Life I Hate Prop 8 (Guest Post by Jared, Age 7)
  109. Forever Reaching A Dream Still Deferred
  110. Life Is Messy Daily lesson
  111. (Comment at Mombian) Our Non-traditional Traditional Family
  112. A girl walks into a blog…Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2009
  113. Are You Kidding Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2009
  114. Come What May A Lesbian Family Weekend
  115. thetotalfemme Mom’s Base
  116. Abiekt Zapracowany
  117. Lesbian Dad Pas de deux
  118. Bent Alaska Pride Chorus keeps on Singing
  119. Religious Action Center Same-Sex Family Values
  120. Mommy With a Penis Thing-in-Hand

I will do the drawing this Friday, June 5. You must leave a valid e-mail to be eligible. It will not be shared or sold. Family Equality Council employees and paying advertisers on Mombian are not eligible.